Cutting fine chemical manufacturing costs in half

Stoli Catalysts has developed a transformative and unique technology to create catalyst-coated tubes for use in continuous flow reactors. It will enable the £600 billion Fine Chemicals industry to convert from batch to continuous flow, thereby halving its production costs.

The technology provides for a new route to produce fine chemicals which are used in the production of perfumes, vitamins, food supplements, pharmaceuticals and other specialist applications in a more efficient and cost-effective way. It cuts the capital costs required for plant and equipment, it reduces energy needs, and it can provide a higher purity end product.

The company was spun out of Warwick University’s Engineering school following £2 million of ERC Proof of Concept funding to develop the technology between 2011 and 2015. The two founders, Dr Nikolay Cherkasov and Professor Evgeny Rebrov, also took part in the ICURe programme, which supports university researchers with commercial awareness training and funding to validate their ideas in the marketplace. As a result of meeting with around 100 experts and potential customers in the target sectors, they were able to evidence the market need and also potential value of the technology to manufacturers of fine chemicals.

In 2016 Stoli was given financial support in the form of £500k from Innovate UK to help them take this exciting technology from bench to early commercialisation proving trials. Based at the University of Warwick site in the department of Chemical Engineering, Stoli Catalysts is working with a number of well-known companies on a national and international level to both test and prove its technology.

Next Steps

Stoli is commercialising during 2019 with initial pilots with potential key customers, and conducting scale-up development work to address larger scale processes, funded by a 1.2 million EUR Horizon 2020 grant awarded in November 2018. It is raising £600k in seed equity in 2019 as matched funding.

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