Grid Edge Celebrates Solid Recent Successes.

Success Despite a Challenging Year.

2020 is the year that turned out as nobody expected, and even the most optimistic of commentators predict that the public health crisis unleashed by COVID-19 will continue well into 2021.

This said, despite the immense challenges of the last 12 months, spin-out companies and other commercialisation and knowledge exchange initiatives originating from the eight universities across the MICRA consortium have continued to grow, move forwards and rack of notable successes.

One standout example of this is presented by Grid Edge, an energy technology company spun-out from MICRA partner Aston University, which offers clients the tools to “stay ahead of the pack with Grid Edge AI and unleash the power of your building’s data to become a winner in the energy transition”. Despite the challenges presented by the public health crisis and the statutory and voluntary restrictions on everyday life and business required to bring it under control, Grid Edge has notched up a number of impressive successes.

Grid Edge Featured in UK Green Building Council Report .

Grid Edge’s cutting edge artificial intelligence energy efficiency technology has had its significance and utility recognised by the UK Green Building Council in their newly published report Innovation Insights: Reducing Operational Carbon. The report pulls out and highlights Grid Edge’s technology as being a prime ready to go solution for commercial building owners and tenants to understand and reduce their energy usage. This serves to reduce the production and combustion of extractive hydrocarbons, and carbon emissions, whilst also saving money.

Using Kent County Council – one of the UK’s largest local authorities working for over 1.6 million people – who have successfully deployed Grid Edge’s technology, the report suggests that within 12 months of installation a sixty percent energy usage saving can be achieved. Based upon the outcomes of a trial at the local authority’s Invicta House, Kent County Council reduced it’s spend on energy at the property by £30,000.    

Major Investment in People .

Despite all of the year’s challenges 2020 also saw Grid Edge make a major investment in people. With five new members of staff being recruited, and an existing staff member receiving a promotion.

One of the new starters was Dr. Stephen J. Newhouse who joined Grid Edge through the STEM Returners scheme. Reflecting on the experience of starting with the company he said:

“I’ve joined Grid Edge for the chance to use my skills to drive forward innovative solutions to Climate Change, and help make an impact on our health and wellbeing both nationally and globally.”

Reflecting on the value and purpose of the scheme – and Grid Edge’s participation in it – Natalie Desty of STEM Returners says, “Adopting an inclusive recruitment process is a testament to Grid Edge’s commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce and a culture where people have the support and space to thrive.”

Looking back on the last 12 months as a whole Grid Edge’s Thomas Anderson feels, “We’ve worked hard to help building operators make significant cost and carbon savings before and during lockdown. I’m very pleased to welcome the new employees to our growing team as we scale the business and launch new products. I’m looking forward to seeing where their talent and drive takes them in 2021.”

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