Antimicrobial Plastic Surfaces.

Plastic components with excellent resistance to formation of surface bacterial biofilms to inhibit the spread of infections

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The University of Birmingham developed “NitroPep” surface treatment technology can arrest the spread of infection by providing tailored surface technology to effectively kill bacteria. Many surfaces are prone to ‘multiple touches’ in use. The NitroPep technology prevents surface colonisation and biofilm formation to inhibit surface recontamination and onward transmission of bacteria.

NitroPep’s technical solution is an economically viable and scalable method of permanently binding an approved and readily available, an-microbial active to a plastic surface. The lead active ingredient is a widely used compound. The combination of surface modification through a bespoke plasma deposition treatment process and dip coating with the an-microbial agent is a truly novel way of rendering the treated plastic surface bactericidal.

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