Lego Inspired Glass Capillary Microfluidics.

Novel device for robust, systematic and cost-effective droplet generation & screening

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Current devices bond glass capillaries to microscope slides, with fluids introduced via hypodermic needles. The setup is fixed and does not always provide accurate or consistent results – nor are they reusable.

This device comprises two Lego-inspired blocks into which the capillaries can be easily inserted and overcomes the above problems and offers a reliable and cost-effective solution that provides consistent results every time. This facilitates rapid assembly for work, and easy dismantling for cleaning. In addition, the blocks provide the flexibility to carry out precise and information-rich screening experiments. Its design also supports three flow configurations:

  • co-flow
  • counter-current flow focusing
  • a combination of co-flow and counter-current flow focusing

Additionally, it can be scaled up to consistently produce high-quality, high-value products, including crystals.

These features make them an attractive proposition for research laboratories and pharmaceutical manufacturers alike.

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