LifeMap®: Assessing the Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death.

An ECG based tool used to assess an individual’s risk of sudden cardiac death.

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This is an ECG based tool used to assess an individual’s risk of SCD. Work at the University of Leicester has determined ECG based algorithms which can be used to better risk-stratify patients for developing ventricular arrhythmia and hence their risk of SCD. These algorithms incorporate 2 key parameters:

  1. the heterogeneity of readings given by the 12 leads normally used for such measurements;
  2. a measure of the intensity of the action potential duration.

These algorithms are patent protected and have been shown to improve by 60% the ability to predict patients at risk of SCD and hence requiring an ICD. Further, LifeMap is relatively inexpensive compared to current methodologies and has the potential for development into an assessment tool for use in the general population.

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