Mouldable Polymer Paste for Local Delivery of Temozolomide to Brain Tumours.

A mouldable biodegradable microparticle paste capable of sustained and multiple drug release

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The median survival of patients with Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) stands at less than 18 months despite surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  Currently, upon initial diagnosis of GBM, standard treatment consists of maximal surgical resection, radiotherapy and concomitant adjuvant chemotherapy of oral Temozolomide (TMZ). The neuro-surgical resection cavity offers an opportunity for adjuvant localized drug administration. This technology is a paste that sets around the surgical cavity, releasing TMZ, targeting residual disease cells whilst minimising systemic toxicity by bypassing the blood brain barrier.

The major advance for sustained drug delivery is that this paste formulation overcomes the short half-life of TMZ, protecting it in prodrug form. It only converts spontaneously to the methylating species a er leaving the matrix, entering the space left by the removed tumour. The delivery of TMZ using this paste bridges an oncological gap in the standard of care treatment for GBM, post- surgery and prior to systemic chemotherapy and local radiation.

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