MICRA Grants Programme Opens for Applications

The MICRA programme (Midlands Innovation Commercialisation of Research Accelerator) is pleased to announce that it has opened its grant awards scheme for applications.

There are two types of grants available to members of the MICRA consortium; the Post Scientific Proof of Concept (PSPC) development grant and the Incubator Access grant.

The aim of the PSPC grant scheme is to provide support to accelerate the progress of technologies to market that have already fully proven their underpinning scientific concepts.​  The type of activities funded under the scheme include technical development such as producing prototypes, industrial trials and market validation activities.

The Incubator Access grant scheme provides start-ups with lower cost access to the specialised labs, equipment, tools, and space necessary to build transformative technologies as economically and efficiently as possible in order to enable them to drive the commercialisation of their research to market.  In turn, the grant enables the supported company to free up resources for its ongoing development that would have otherwise been utilised for initial rental payment.    

Anthony Khan, Commercialisation Grants Manager for MICRA, said: “one of the key goals of MICRA is to support researchers in our universities who are developing technologies and services which have commercial or social enterprise potential. By making funding available, we enable these developments to move ahead faster and also ensure that they are addressing real-world needs.  It helps our researchers to get out of the lab and into the marketplace, with the results – we hope – that more university research is used to benefit our communities.”

For further information, please contact Anthony Khan, at the University of Birmingham, on 0121 414 9252

Notes to editors

Midlands Innovation is a world-class research and innovation partnership, combining the collective excellence of eight leading universities in the heart of the UK – Aston, Birmingham, Cranfield, Keele, Leicester, Loughborough, Nottingham and Warwick. It unites the power of university research with the unique strengths of Midlands industry to drive cutting-edge research, innovation and skills development. Collectively partners are incubating more than 600 businesses and supporting over 1600 jobs.

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