MICRA spinouts at BioSeed.

pitching to investors in an online world.

BioSeed is an event for early stage companies in the Life Sciences sector, giving them the opportunity to meet and pitch to investors. MICRA sponsored 5 of our spin-out companies to take part. 

BioSeed is one of a series of events delivered by OBN, the not-for-profit membership organisation supporting and bringing together the UK’s life sciences companies, corporate partners and investors. This was the first time it had been held online, and some of our participants were unsure how well it would work; after all, when investors are considering where to place their funds, they usually want to meet the people behind the technology.

scientist with microscope

Preparation is the key to success.

In order to maximise their chances of success, OBN offered all the participating companies the opportunity to take online pitch training. This was tailored specifically for companies in the life sciences sector, where time to market can be long and investments are inherently risky. 

Five spinouts participated from the MICRA partner universities, and most found it useful and had investor meetings during the event, as well as follow up emails from investors after their presentations. Overall, it seems that although live face-to-face events are preferred, there is still an appetite for investment and MICRA will continue to support our spinout companies to benefit from these opportunities. 

The pitch training was fantastic and I've incorporated a lot of what I learned. I've made some good contacts in the OBN network in general, and will be attending more OBN events in the future.

Tom Congdon, University of Warwick

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