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If you’re still thinking about signing up for the Midlands ICURe showcase events in March, you can read more about the exciting new companies we will be featuring below.

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Actionable Language Insights

Actionable Language Insights (ALI) provides an automated assessment of legal and financial risk associated with contractual agreements. Combining state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and established Behavioural Science approaches, our platform provides three types of human-readable insights: Topics Analysis (e.g. links to a confidentiality breach), Perception Analysis (e.g. threat or ambiguity), and a Predictive Analysis of Risk (the likelihood that a document may result in litigation).

Aqualo logo


Aqualo has developed a patented desalination solution at medium and large scale. Aqualo’s system has unmatched low power consumption and high recovery ratios which makes it ideal for solar-powered and other off-grid desalination for industrial (mining, food, beverage), commercial (hotels, resorts) and municipal use. Aqualo’s extremely efficient technology can save a single desalination plant up to US$3.5 million every year in electricity costs and increase the lifetime of the high-cost RO membranes. Aqualo’s technology dramatically decreases the volume of discharged harmful brine and will help any customer meet tightening environmental regulations.

Augmented insights logo

Augmented Insights

Augmented Insights have a vision: to improve health and social care by turning data that are already being collected into actionable insight using cutting edge AI and machine learning techniques. Our flagship product, CareTec.AI, is a web-based analytics-as-a-service platform using AI and machine learning to provide early detection of health problems. It provides a personalised, proactive and predictive insight to care providers and allows them to deliver an improved package of care, whilst saving time and minimising the long-term cost of care delivery.

Etisu logo

Esitu Solutions

Esitu Solutions has developed an innovative method of assessing and improving driver safety that can reduce on-road collisions, decreasing human and financial costs. Based on the theoretical framework of Situation Awareness, our video-based assessment tests identify drivers who are more at risk of a collision, while our training tools improve their skills and reduce their crash-likelihood. For organisations operating fleets, it offers a valuable service to help ensure that all their drivers return home safely.

Erebagen logo


The rise in antibiotic resistant superbugs, drug-resistant cancers and resistant crop pests threatens to have a major impact, and identifying novel bioactive chemical compounds is hard. Typically it take 100,000 compounds to find one with promising bioactivity, making discovery of new medicines and agrichemicals slow and expensive. Erebagen’s proprietary platform Gen2NCE overcomes this problem using bioinformatics and synthetic biology techniques to discover novel natural product compounds that have hit-rates 20x - better than synthetic chemical libraries.

Figura logo

Figura Analytics

Figura Analytics has developed a rapid non-destructive method to screen bacteria and other contaminants in liquid samples within minutes - providing a microbiology lab into the hands of the user. Figura uses an electrochemical sensor to detect and quantify bacteria in two modes, first screening large volumes then targeting specific strains of bacteria. The technology aims to revolutionise the microbiology testing market for use in the drinks, ballast water, environmental and defence industries.

MetaGuidex logo


MetaGuideX is a new test that can allow a faster, less invasive and cost-reducing diagnosis for metastatic breast cancer. MetaGuideX is based on the identification of a novel biomarker that is present when the cancer can spread. Our solution can easily fit into the present cancer diagnostic path, which allows prompt stratification of patient treatment and saves money on ineffective therapy. Importantly, this represents the first blood biopsy biomarker for monitoring long term recurrence of breast cancer.

PBL logo

Power by Light

Power by Light (PBL) is a new technology for long-range wireless power and data transmission. Using an eye- and skin-safe near-infrared laser, energy is transmitted over ranges from millimetres to kilometres. A dedicated photovoltaic receiver converts optical energy to electrical power with record conversion efficiencies. A PBL transmitter and retrofitted receiver confers long-range wireless power functionality to existing electronic devices; enabling mobility and persistent power without tethering to an electrical outlet.

Radical fibres logo

Radical Fibres

Nanofibres are set to revolutionise the materials world, from lighter/stronger composites to advanced electronic smart textiles. Radical Fibres’ innovative game-changing manufacturing platform allows rapid prototyping to large-area fabrication, something currently no one else can offer. We offer polymer nanofibre and feasibility services, utilising our core innovation to develop and exploit resulting customisation IP, unlocking new products and market opportunities for customers.

Tagomics logo


Early-stage diagnosis of cancers saves lives. Tagomics have developed a novel epigenetic profiling technology capable of diagnosing and monitoring cancers from a simple, non-invasive blood test - a liquid biopsy. Tagomics-enabled clinical assays will eliminate the need for tissue biopsies and therefore surgery, removing its physical impact on the patient and any risk of infection. Tagomics profiling technology is targeted, cost effective, and highly sensitive.

Tempus logo

Tempus Scientific

BACTIGON® from Tempus Scientific is an innovative long-lasting coating inherently resistant to bacterial biofilm formation. It has no leachable ingredient, so does not suffer from depletion and has minimal environmental impact. Bacterial biofilms affect a diverse range of environments and can cause significant levels of patient morbidity through infection. BACTIGON® can prevent these problems; it is already in clinical use on a CE-marked urinary catheter, and can be applied to other application areas.

Vanguard Sustainable Transport Solutions

Vanguard Sustainable Transport Solutions, creators of the UK’s first hydrogen train, generate and store hydrogen from water using electricity using portable electrolysers and hydrogen storage units. These units can be located at the depot site where the users intend to refuel their fleets. Our product will provide a convenient, green option for powering the transport fleets of the future.

Vibrascan logo


The current cost of osteoporosis is €37 billion pa and USD$ 19 billion pa. With costs projected to rise dramatically in coming years. VibraScan's cost-effectiveness, portability and ease of use ensure bone density measurement is more widely accessible through health professionals and pre-screening clinics resulting in more timely detection and preventative care. Early treatment reduces fracture risk and has significant economic impact.

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