Nottingham Spin-Out Makes “Masks for the Masses”

Footfalls & Heartbeats, a spin-out from Midlands Innovation Commercialisation of Research Accelerator (MICRA) partner the University of Nottingham, have joined the fight against the spread of the coronavirus by turning over their equipment to the production of reusable facemasks.

The start-up company, which has premises in Nottingham and Sheffield, usually makes high-tech sports socks and other high performance fabrics. They having “developed a revolutionary manufacturing process that allows the control and manipulation of both yarn-to-yarn interaction and the movement of micro-mechanical structures that form the basics of knitted fabrics.”

In the face of the coronavirus however, Footfalls & Heartbeats have retooled their advanced knitting equipment to produce “…face masks knitted with antimicrobial yarns to the masses”. Called the “masks for the masses” programme Footfalls & Heartbeats pledge that “For every twin pack of masks sold [we] will… donate a mask to those supporting the NHS such as supermarket workers, carers, those delivering food and the homeless in and around Nottingham”.

If you are interested in purchasing reusable facemasks for yourself, loved ones, or charity or community project you take part in or support, you can do so from the Footfalls & Heartbeats website. A twin pack of masks, produced by the company at their production facility in the east midlands; costs £10.00 and comes in either burgundy or black.

Buy Footfalls & Heartbeats masks here.

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