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Technologies available to licence or co-develop with MICRA Universities

There is a huge range of technologies currently available to licence from the universities in the MICRA partnership. You can download PDFs containing summary information for all of the technologies, and get in touch with us for more detailed information via the enquiry form below.

New technologies are added regularly, so do please register your interest and we will send through details of opportunities as they are published. 

IP: Energy

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IP: Therapeutics

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IP: Environment

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Selected Case Studies for our latest developments

Real-Time Video Analysis

New video analytics from the University of Warwick can outperform other methods, whilst requiring less processing and training time, and less storage

Fuel Injector with a Piston Motion Sensor

Effective high-precision detection of piston displacement for fuel injection in internal combustion engines. This allows to obtain precise data about the start and duration of the injector pulse (both main and pilot), which can be converted into the fuel consumption information for the driver in real time.

Iron removal from recycled aluminium

Environmentally friendly process for removal of iron from recycled aluminium alloys developed by researchers from the University of Birmingham. The process only requires a temperature gradient (created by using two or more heaters with differing temperatures) and a static magnetic field.

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