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Fuel Injector with a Piston Motion Sensor


High-precision detection of piston displacement during fuel injection provides important data about the start and duration of the fuel injector pulse and fuel consumption, but currently such sensors are expensive.


The fuel injector system developed at the University of Birmingham allows high-precision detection of the piston displacement during the injection. This produces precise data about the start and duration of the injector pulse (both main and pilot), which can be converted into fuel consumption information for the driver in real time. This compact and inexpensive system employs a simple sensor, consisting of a light source, an optical fibre and a detector. Using optical fibre makes the system insensitive to any electromagnetic interference and very robust in the high-pressure environment of the injector.


  • Co-development
  • Collaboration
  • Licencing


  • Low-cost: uses off-the-shelf components, up to 10 times cheaper than existing sensors.
  • High precision: the signal about the location of the piston is unobscured by cavitation or electromagnetic interference.
  • Sensitive: the sensor detects equally well the main and the pilot (smaller) injections.
  • Robust: great performance under all energising and pressure conditions.
  • Durable: components capable of withstanding the harsh environment of the fuel injector.
  • Flexible: can easily combine with existing fuel injection system in a compact set-up.

Provisional patent application GB1811413.2

For further information contact: Dr Anna Isakova, University of Birmingham
Tel: +44 (0) 121 414 9040 Email: a.isakova@bham.ac.uk

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