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Iron Removal from Recycled Aluminium


Contamination of aluminium by iron is detrimental for its mechanical properties and prevents high-tech applications of recycled aluminium. Researchers from the University of Birmingham have developed an environmentally friendly process for remocal of iron from aluminium alloys. during recycling of scrap metal.


The process only requires a temperature gradient (created by using two or more heaters with differing temperatures) and a static magnetic field. The apparatus can incorporate tubular or round heaters or even be stationed alongside the moving crucible, allowing large quantities of metal to be treated efficiently.


  • Co-development
  • Collaboration
  • Licencing


  • Green and environmentally friendly.
  • Highly applicable:  no requirement for a distinct iron containing phase to be present in the alloy.
  • Clean: No need for additives (such as Mn) for creation of iron-rich phases.
  • Scalable : flexible configuration that can be adapted to suit large-scale processes.
  • Continuous: can be configured to be installed into a continuous production line.

Provisional patent application GB1811413.2

For further information contact: Dr Anna Isakova, University of Birmingham
Tel: +44 (0) 121 414 9040 Email: a.isakova@bham.ac.uk

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