MICRA Highlights

MICRA Highlights

The MICRA programme is a new initiative which aims to increase and accelerate commercialisation of research across our eight partner universities. We do this through a comprehensive schedule of activities and support including training, sharing best practice, supporting with grant funding, engaging with businesses and investors, and generally providing a gateway for people to access to innovations, support services and investment opportunities.

It’s important that we know if we are succeeding in making a difference, so we have some key indicators, which are highlighted here.

Training and Events

In 2018/19, the number of academic staff trained was up by 58% compared to 2017/18.

Highlights included:

  • Commercialisation for Clinical Academics: Full day event by clinical academic entrepreneurs.
  • Role of directors: Highly in demand practical course which is being run at several venues over the course of the programme.
  • All TTO Day: Focus on sharing best practice, practical problem solving. This event is held quarterly.
  • Medici expansion: West & East Midlands.
  • Female academic entrepreneur’s forum: a regular networking and training event

Full details of upcoming training can be found here.

Marketing Highlights

Between June and December 2019, our marketing activity  reached an audience of 570,000, was engaged with by over 4 thousand people and we made many new investor contacts

As well as launching digital channels on LinkedIn and Twitter, and creating the MICRA Gateway, we have also been involved in several events promoting what we are doing and supporting our spin-outs. These include:

  • Praxis Auril
  • MICRA Showcase @ The British Science Festival
  • Phacilitate Europe
  • Bioforward
  • DASA – Defence and Security Accelerator
  • Lab Innovations
  • Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Showcase
  • ICURe Showcase Events

Details of future events can be found here.

Strategic Capabilities

MICRA has made several strategic decisions to support technology transfer. These include:

  • e-lucid: Express licensing platform, allowing each partner to transact almost anything: biological materials, cutting-edge software, books, image rights, healthcare surveys, hardware devices. Website expected to go live in February 2020.
  • In-Part: Group license of In-Part, making the initial connection between universities and companies simple. Negotiated a group discount and allowing the creation of Midlands Innovation group portfolios for strategic challenge areas.
  • LinkedIn Elevate: Promotional marketing tool, allowing the sharing of interesting and relevant content from all partners across wide networks of professional contacts.
  • Social Venture Fund: MICRA is joining on behalf of the Midlands Innovation group a national fund around developing social ventures.
  • Engaging Students in KE: Joint application submitted by Warwick on behalf of Midlands Innovation Group, enabled and facilitated by MICRA
  • Collaborating with other CCF Groups: MICRA has engaged with other CCF projects to share best practice in working with VC Funds
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