Water & Waste Management PhDs at Cranfield open for applications

Over the next 5 years Water-WISER are offering 50 funded PhD studentships for UK and EU students. Cranfield University is proud to be offering 2 of these studentships this August.

Water-WISER offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the generation of new knowledge about sustainable water, sanitation and waste management services to improve infrastructure and services for the poorest and most marginalised members of our global community.

What are the unique features and benefits of a Water-WISER studentship?

  • A carefully crafted 4 year PhD programme of trans-disciplinary training will develop the requisite skills to solve complex problems and engineer solutions to infrastructure and service delivery challenges in the global south;
  • Studentship funding includes a minimum 6 month industry placement or in country field work opportunity;
  • Whilst hosted at a specific centre, you will also engage in a programme of stimulating technical and professional training with cohort peers in partner institutions;
  • Research will be co-designed with and supported by industry partners and implementing agencies to ensure relevance and impact;
  • Coordination and management provided by water@leeds, one of the biggest inter-disciplinary water research initiatives in the world.

Application deadline: 16 August 2019, to be made through the University of Leeds website here: engineering.leeds.ac.uk/CDT.

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